Service Description

Our C- Executive brings extra experience into your company, ensuring that Services  delivery is aligned with strategic plans. You can be confident that your IT department will be run according to industry & market trends. It is also very important that your IT satisfies business requirements, SLA agreements and cost targets, we are here to help you achieve all those goals.

CIO and CISO  acts like a member of executive team and reports directly to senior management or board of directors.

After our first collaboration we shall evaluate and decide together the best service for you

Level 1

In this level we provide low cost services in order to evaluate your current status and design an overall digital strategy.  Usually we consider this service as a low cost solution in order to receive specific advisory . 1-5 Days per month on site

Level 2

In collaboration with your management team  we shall proceed to Medium level services with 5 -10 days per month . If needed we can describe a full package of services delivered on a specific period. Full Project management is offered within this level. 

Level 3

A full-value CIO function or consultancy according the scope agreed
Methodical and content-driven support in CIO / CISO / DPO main topics
Ongoing advise or managing the execution and implementation of your roadmap
High level of services with 10 - 15  days per month on site